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Executive Summary

TeamCare Dental is dedicated to providing top-notch comprehensive dental services to its patients. To enhance its service offerings, the company built a role-based platform tool for different user types. Originally hosted on the non-HIPAA-compliant DigitalOcean cloud platform, TeamCare Dental sought assistance from Futuralis to migrate their workloads to a HIPAA-compliant Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform, while implementing necessary security measures.

In collaboration with Futuralis, TeamCare Dental adopted various security measures such as access controls, encryption, monitoring, and auditing tools. The migration to AWS also enabled security improvements such as a VPN and AWS Transit Gateway. These carefully designed and implemented measures ensured the highest standards of data security and privacy, allowing TeamCare Dental to successfully transition to a HIPAA-compliant environment. These capabilities allowed TeamCare to take advantage of advanced AWS features that were not available on their previous DigitalOcean platform.

The Challenge

As a medical service provider, TeamCare Dental is required to comply with HIPAA regulations to protect patient health information, and the use of a non-compliant platform presented a significant risk. Additionally, DigitalOcean’s lack of HIPAA compliance meant that TeamCare Dental had to implement its own security measures to protect patient data. This required significant time and resources to ensure that the platform was secure and compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Why Futuralis & AWS

Our Solution

Futuralis crafted an all-encompassing solution for TeamCare Dental to accomplish HIPAA compliance by designing and implementing a robust AWS infrastructure capable of supporting their existing DigitalOcean workloads. This infrastructure features the setup of AWS accounts through Control Tower, which automates the creation of new accounts and ensures governance and guardrails in line with compliance requirements. Auditing and logging were configured using AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config, providing a detailed view of account resources and logging API calls made by users and services. To further strengthen compliance with HIPAA regulations, security guardrails were established using AWS Config rules, guaranteeing that all resources were encrypted and that access control policies were correctly configured.

The solution also involved setting up a VPC and subnets in multiple Availability Zones (AZs) for high availability, as well as configuring an Auto Scaling group to ensure that the application can handle spikes in traffic and maintain high availability across multiple AZs. The production workloads were migrated from DigitalOcean to AWS and configured to meet HIPAA compliance requirements. An Amazon RDS database instance was created and configured with multiple read-and-write replicas for high availability. The data was then migrated from the existing database to RDS and encrypted at rest to meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

To protect against common web-based attacks, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS), AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF) was set up with appropriate rules. A site-to-site VPN connection was established between the on-premises network and the VPC to ensure a secure connection between them.

Results & Benefits

About Team Care Dental

During COVID-19 pandemic, when the dental industry was shutdown, TeamCare was born. TeamCare prioritizes your practice’s goals and makes it easier for teams to reach them. TeamCare Dental specializes in providing high-quality comprehensive dental services for their patients. TeamCare Dental built a role-based platform tool which caters to different types of users such as Doctors, Hygienists, Front Desk, Assistants etc.

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