Security Assessment

Vulnerability assessment & pen testing to protect your IT infrastructure.

What is it?

Vulnerability assessment and pen testing is our initial security assessment. Vulnerability assessment identifies, classifies and evaluates vulnerabilities in an information system. Penetration testing is a simulated cyber-attack on your IT Infrastructure to identify security vulnerabilities.

What Areas are vulnerable?

Areas Prone to Vulnerabilities in Vulnerability Assesments and Penetration Testing |

What are the Top Industry Standards?

Top Industry Standards in Vulnerability Assesments and Penetration Testing |

According to the FBI, in 2020 there were over 2,000 cyber attacks per day with +$4.2B in victim losses.

Our Process

Phase 1

Define test elements & goals

Phase 2

Identification & critical issue remediation

Phase 3

Analyze & classify vulnerabilities

Phase 4

Re-test & generate final report

Benefits of Security Assessment

  • Uncover vulnerabilities early
  • Secure your systems & data
  • Improve business continuity
  • Proactively prevent security risks
  • Invest now to avoid significant loss later

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