Tucker Energy builds a modern web
application on AWS for safety inspections


  • Manual Process
  • Resource heavy
  • Speed of communication
  • Meet compliance standards


  • Automated safety¬†inspection process
  • Removed low-level tasks for staff
  • Gained process speed
  • Improved safety & compliance

Executive Summary

Safety is a top priority for Tucker Energy Services. They required a safety inspection process that enabled fast, accurate and comprehensive reporting. Futuralis digitized safety inspection by deploying a ReactJS Progressive Web Application built using AWS Amplify.

The Challenge

Tucker Energy Services has strict compliance requirements they must abide by to ensure the safety of their employees in over 20 worksites located in Trinidad and Tobago. Compliance reporting was recorded using a physical card at each individual worksite. The card was essentially a safety checklist with various information regarding activities observed, department information and other particulars such as location and date. Once an inspection was completed, the cards were transferred to the head office, where the data would be manually entered into a spreadsheet and forwarded to the concerned departments.

Tucker Energy Services noticed an opportunity to improve the process. They found that the process was too manual, time consuming and required an extensive number of personnel. They wanted to automate the process and improve it such that unsafe activities could be reported with no delay for immediate action.

Why Futuralis & AWS

Futuralis was chosen due to its reputation as an AWS expert with extensive experience in AWS Services. Tucker Energy believed that Futuralis could help them overcome their challenges with a focus on performance, safety, and security.

Our Solution

Futuralis solved this problem by digitizing the Safe Card to automate the administrative tasks. We developed a Progressive Web Application (PWA) in ReactJS to provide a digital checklist for safety inspections.

The PWA is authenticated using Amazon Cognito, a service that provides sign-up and sign-in functionality, to federate from AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory (AD) that is hosted on AWS Directory Services. This secures the application by ensuring that only authorized personnel have access and this access would be managed at the organization level.

Futuralis wanted Tucker Energy to be able to focus on the business functionality of the application and deploy the application with minimal configuration. We chose AWS Amplify and its supporting React libraries for the development of the application. AWS Amplify would detect any changes made in the codebase residing in a CodeCommit repository in real-time, and automatically run a CI/CD pipeline to deploy the updated backend and frontend code. AWS Amplify also provides a managed hosting service, with custom domain support, for quick application deployment.

As many of the safety inspection sites are prone to choppy internet connection, we added offline capabilities to the application. Amplify DataStore plugins made this job simple, by providing on-device persistence storage that automatically synchronizes data between the mobile/web application and the cloud with GraphQL and AWS AppSync. AWS AppSync is a fully managed service that helps develop GraphQL API that interacts with DynamoDB, Lambda, etc.

One of the goals of this project was to enhance the process by utilizing the benefits of digitizing the checklist. We added a photo capture functionality, wherein the safety inspector could easily capture images of unsafe activities and uploaded them with the checklist for a comprehensive record. Amplify Storage plugin helped us upload these image files onto S3 and save the link to the file in the corresponding DynamoDB record.

Finally, we wanted to make sure that whenever there was further action required for an unsafe activity, the responsible department would receive an instant notification to quickly remediate the situation. We used Amazon Simple Notification Service to trigger notifications in combination with DynamoDB streams.

Results & Benefits

Increased Efficiency
The application streamlined the inspection process, replacing all manual tasks with automation
which optimized the quality and speed of safety reporting.

Enhanced Compliance
Tucker Energy is now able to meet all compliance requirements with ease and remediate unsafe
activities faster than ever before.

Resource Relief
Automation removed low-level tasks for staff allowing them to focus on more pressing business
needs thereby saving costs.

About Tucker Energy Services

Tucker Energy Services is a multi-service organization, providing services, products and solutions to the energy industry since 1939. Their goal is to supply people, products and equipment that deliver the best in quality, service and value to their customers. Tucker Energy's globally recognized product lines provide answers to complex upstream and downstream customer problems.

For more information visit, www.tuckerenergy.com.

About Futuralis

Migrate – Modernize – Manage

Futuralis is a global tech consulting firm and AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner based in Washington, DC. We specialize in migrating complex workloads to AWS, modernizing them into fast, enterprise-grade solutions, and providing top-tier cloud management. Our ethos of Shared Business Excellence guides our pursuit of client capability enhancement, global customer satisfaction, and measurable results.

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