The Cloud Acceleration Force

Accelerate Your Business with AWS Consulting Experts

Ditch Your Cloud Transformation Headaches

Are you grappling with the intricacies of cloud transformation? Want to move beyond generic professional services? Need a team of cloud gurus to guide you, solve your distinct challenges, and assure a seamless transition? We’ve got the perfect antidote for your cloud woes.

Embark on your cloud transformation journey with our exclusive Futuralis Cloud Acceleration Force. We grasp your pain points and offer a multidisciplinary team that synergizes to deliver solutions beyond the ordinary.

Discover the Futuralis Cloud Acceleration Force – Your Cloud Dream Team

Our Cloud Acceleration Force isn’t just a team; it’s a formidable alliance of adept professionals. Each member contributes their unique skills, forming a united front – a Pod. This extraordinary assembly enables us to tackle your complex cloud challenges and manifest unparalleled solutions. It consists of:

Engagement Manager

Your primary point of contact and project maestro.

Cloud Engineer

The executor and manager of your AWS resources.

Cloud Architect

The designer and advisor of optimal AWS services and deployment models.

Cloud Specialist

The bearer of specialized knowledge to tackle specific technical challenges

Lead Cloud Architect

Strategic leader ensuring technical alignment with your business goals.

Together, they collaborate and deliver a superior level of support and expertise, exceeding traditional professional services.

Eradicating Your Cloud Transformation Hurdles

Our Pod possesses a vast array of capabilities that efficiently solve your diverse customer needs:

Cloud Transformation:

We light up your path to the AWS cloud, crafting scalable, secure, and efficient cloud architectures.

Application Migration:

Our team orchestrates a flawless transition of applications to AWS, curbing disruption and amplifying performance.

Infrastructure Optimization:

We supercharge your cloud infrastructure with performance tuning and cost-cutting strategies.

Security and Compliance:

Our team ensures formidable security measures and strict compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance:

We safeguard your AWS environment, ensuring its security, top performance, and cost-effectiveness with continual monitoring, support, and optimization services.

A Pricing & Engagement Model as Flexible as You Need

We understand rigid pricing models can add to your cloud transformation woes. That’s why our pricing structure follows a “bucket of hours” approach. This flexible engagement model evolves with your needs. You’ll commit to a minimum number of hours per month for a three-month engagement, with the liberty to adjust the hours dedicated to your engagement monthly.

A dynamic and scalable approach: adapt your engagement to your evolving AWS requirements.

The right support at the right time: choose how much time you require, from 25 to 100 hours per month!

Our Commitment to Streamlining Your Cloud Journey

We vow to function as an extension of your existing IT team, delivering additional expertise and resources. Our engagement process ensures frictionless collaboration, bolstered resources, knowledge transfer, and enduring support to expedite your cloud adoption.

Why Cloud Acceleration Force Should be Your First Choice

We don’t just bandage the symptoms; we get to the root of your cloud transformation challenges. We provide an unrivaled approach to cloud transformation, executing elite solutions with the agility, scalability, and efficiency your business deserves. Our flexible engagement model
ensures you receive the right support at the right time, adjusting to your evolving requirements. We’re more than a service provider; we’re your strategic allies in the journey to the cloud.

Project Completion Time
Cost Savings
AWS Certification
Integration Time
Risk Mitigation
Long-Term Commitment
2-4 weeks
25% reduction*
Up to 35%*
All team members
All team members
All team members
4-6 months
Standard timelines
Avg. 20% of annual salary
Not guaranteed
Varies by candidate
2-8 weeks
Avg. 25% of annual salary
Varies by candidate
2-8 weeks
Up to 20% or hiring platform fee
Moderate to High
Varies by provider

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