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Take the pain out of managing your cloud environment with 24/7 expert help.

Unveiling the Paradigm Shift

More than just support, it’s a transformative approach to cloud management.
Get 24/7 support, optimization, modernization, and unmatched security.

Redefining Managed Services: ROI Focus

Our managed service is meticulously designed to amplify your ROI, redefining the essence of Managed Services with an unwavering focus on returns.

Cost Optimization

Make every dollar count.

Data Insights

From data lake creation to real-time analytics.

Security Front and Center

Enhanced measures to shield against modern threats.

Proactive Performance Monitoring

Avoid bottlenecks. Stay efficient.

Customized Training

Equip your team for the cloud challenges of tomorrow.

Benefits at a Glance

Cost Optimization

Continuous monitoring and analysis to trim expenses.

Data Lake Creation/Ingestion

Seamlessly design and deploy data lakes to harness information.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Resilience strategies crafted for your unique needs.

DevOps Transformation

Streamline operations with advanced automation techniques.

24/7 Monitoring

Stay vigilant with round-the-clock monitoring.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time data insights to drive business decisions.

Customized Training

Equip your team with the skills they need to excel.

AI/ML Integration

Leverage cutting-edge technologies for unmatched innovation.

Application Modernization

Steer the transformation of your applications with expert guidance.

Security Enhancement

Best practices and fortified security measures to protect your data.

Performance Enhancement

Fine-tuned services for peak operational efficiency.

Scalability Strategies

Grow unhindered with resources that scale with your needs.

Cloud Governance

Ensure alignment with policies and maintain compliance.

Infrastructure Management

Expert management of your infrastructure setup and upkeep.

Data Security

Advanced encryption and access controls to safeguard sensitive information.

Vendor Management

Efficient management of third-party integrations and services.

FutureXpert Impact

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our satisfied customers has to say:

“I would recommend Futuralis as a dependable AWS Cloud infrastructure partner. They are currently working on a AWS cloud platform so that we can more easily manage our website hosting for clients. Initially, they had migrated us from BlueHost to AWS on shared servers. After 2 years of working together and a lot of communication on what our business and clients need they are working on a solution that rises up to meet our needs. Futuralis is responsive and dependable. They are always brining new ideas to the table and their team of cloud engineers and developers are delightful to work with.”

Sarah Murphy

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FutureXpert vs. AWS Direct Support: Why Choose Us

Discover the power of personalized, cost-effective cloud support with FutureXpert. Unlike AWS Direct Support, we work with your goals in mind, offering customized packages that perfectly fit your budget and needs. Explore our Cloud Support Comparison table to see how we stack up against the competition.

Feature Comparison
Professional incl. Standard
Enterprise incl. Professional
24/7 Support
Email, chat
Email, chat, phone
Guaranteed Response Time
4 hours
1 hour
15 minutes
Dedicated Technical Account Manager

AWS Trusted Advisor Checks

AWS Trusted Advisor Priority
Curated Prioritized Recommendations
Cost Optimzation
Analysis/ Recommendations
Implementation Guidance
Automation Guidance
Security & Governance
Basic AWS Security Best Practices Web Security:
WAF+ Shield
SSL installations & renewals
Web Security: Pen-Testing
AWS Account CIS Benchmark Implementation Web Security: Malware Scans
Log Management
Application Monitoring
Application Monitoring
Performance Monitoring
User Management

Account Management
AWS Organization Support:
Enabling AWS services
Consolidated Billing & Invoices
Audit Management
Quarterly Backup
Quarterly Security
Quarterly Configuration
Quarterly Security
Audit Reports
Standard Reports
Monthly Backup
Monthly Security
Monthly Configuration
Monthly Security Audit Reports
Customized Reports
Resource Utilization Reports
Backup & D/R
EC2 backups (AMIs)
Volume backups (EBS)
Database backups
FileSystem backups (AWS DataSync)
On-premise backup solutions (Cloud Connector
AWS Storage Gateway)
Disaster Recovery Planning (CloudEndure)
Infrastructure Support
OS Patching & Upgrading
Domain Management in Route 53
Cloudfront (CDN) related configurations
Technical Support
Performance Tuning Guidance
Service Limits Support

Well-Architected Reviews
Customized Workshops

Ready for Unmatched Cloud Support?

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